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세계사의 시각에서 본 근현대 중국 조세 구조의 전환 (" The Transition of Modern Chinese Tax Structure from the View of Global History") [Korean original version] ( Kang Jin A , Hanyang University) 世界史の視座から見た中国近現代租税構造の転換 ("The Transition of Modern Chinese Tax Structure from the View of Global History") [Japanese...More
洁净与危险:文化人类学视角下的空气污染感知 ("Purity and Danger: Public Perceptions of Air Pollution from A Perspective of Cultural Anthropology") ( Hong Wei and Wang Shuyan, Tsinghua University) 摘要 :近年来,“雾霾”问题逐渐引起全社会的广泛关注。然而,在相似污染环境下,人们对污染严重性的感知和理解却存在差异。本文通过对2013年中国综合社会调查数据、空气质量数据和新闻报道信息的分析,以及多场点的人类学观察,...More
Guangdong: One Step Ahead in China Again? Xiao Bin (肖滨). Understanding Leading Governance Samples in China: A Theoretical Analysis of Guangdong Experience (理解中国治理的广东样本:广东经验的理论分析), Guangzhou: Sun Yat-sen University Press (广州:中山大学出版社), 2017 Reviewed by Xiao Diwen Guangdong Province has a long history...More
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