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The Harvard-Yenching Institute is pleased to announce that the fourth book in the NTU & HYI Academic Book Series has been published. The monograph, entitled, 從聖教到道教:馬華社會的節俗、信仰與文化(Transforming "Sacred Religion" into Daoism: Festival, Belief, and Culture in the Chinese Society of Malaysia), by...More
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围观改变中国?——互联网书写与中国式公共领域的特质 [ Have Onlookers Changed China? Characteristics of Internet Writing and the Chinese-style Public Sphere ] ( Tang Xiaobing , East China Normal University) Abstract : In recent years, micro-blog (微博) writing has profoundly influenced the public sphere. Many public...More
日佔時期 (1919-1945) 關東州恩賜財團慈惠資金與兒童奬學資金之社會救濟、醫療保護及兒童教育措施 [Social Relief, Medical Services and Childhood Education Work of the Charity Funds and Child Scholarship Funds of the Imperial Gift Foundation in Guandong Province under the Japanese Occupation, 1919-1945] ( Joseph Siu Kam-wah , Chinese...More
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