围观改变中国?——互联网书写与中国式公共领域的特质 [ Have Onlookers Changed China? Characteristics of Internet Writing and the Chinese-style Public Sphere ] ( Tang Xiaobing , East China Normal University) Abstract : In recent years, micro-blog (微博) writing has profoundly influenced the public sphere. Many public...More
日佔時期 (1919-1945) 關東州恩賜財團慈惠資金與兒童奬學資金之社會救濟、醫療保護及兒童教育措施 [Social Relief, Medical Services and Childhood Education Work of the Charity Funds and Child Scholarship Funds of the Imperial Gift Foundation in Guandong Province under the Japanese Occupation, 1919-1945] ( Joseph Siu Kam-wah , Chinese...More
Li Ruojian 李若建. Wandering between Illusion and Reality: on Rumors in 1950s Mainland China (虚实之间: 20世纪大陆谣言研究). Beijing: Shehui kexue wenxian chubanshe, 2011. Reviewed by Yumeng Wang (Nankai University/Harvard-Yenching Institute) Li Ruojian’s 虚实之间: 20世纪大陆谣言研究 ( Wandering between Illusion and Reality...More
NAGURA Kyoko奈仓京子. “The Formation of Returned Overseas Chinese Identity and its Ramifications: a Case Study on the Yuehaiwan Overseas Chinese Farm in Guangdong” (“归侨认同意识的形成及其动态 * ———以广东粤海湾华侨农场为例”) in Journal of Overseas Chinese History Studies (华侨华人历史研究) 2008 Vol 3. Reviewed by Severin Kuok (PhD...More
Narayan Sen (নারায়ণ সেন). Maoism and the Buddhist Philosophy of India and China (মাওবাদ ও ভারত-চীন বৌদ্ধ দর্শন Maobad o Bharat-Cheen Bouddha Darshan ). Kolkata: Creative Publication, 2013. Reviewed by Barnali Chanda (Ph.D. Candidate, Jadavpur University; 2016-17 HYI Comparative Literature Visiting...More
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Chen Jian 陈剑. Documenting the Reproductive Revolution in China, 1978-1991 (中国生育革命纪实(1978–1991)). Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press (2015). Reviewed by Guan Yue (Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Government and Public Administration, The Chinese University of Hong Kong) The one-child policy is...More
Nara, Masashi 奈良雅史. 現代中国の<イスラーム運動> : 生きにくさを生きる回族の民族誌. [ The “Islamic Movement” in Contemporary China: An Ethnography of Hui People Living in Difficulty ]. Tōkyō: Fūkyōsha, 2016. Reviewed by Noriko Unno-Yamazaki (The University of Tokyo; 2015-2016 HYI Visiting Fellow) No matter whether their...More
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Li Anshan 李安山. “International Political Discourse of Chinese Immigrants in Africa" (“国际政治话语中的中国移民: 以非洲为例”), West Asia and Africa Journal (西亚非洲) No. 1, p. 76-97, 2016. Reviewed by: Veda Vaidyanathan (Ph.D. Student, University of Mumbai; ICS-HYI Doctoral Fellow) Professor Li Anshan’s article examines...More
Yu Xinzhong 余新忠 . The Sanitation and Quarantine System in the Qing Dynasty and its Evolution in Modern China 《清代卫生防疫机制及其近代演变》. Beijing: Beijing shifan daxue chubanshe, 2016. Reviewed by Wang Yumeng (Ph.D. candidate, Nankai University) In modern China, weisheng (sanitation/hygiene) is a word with...More
Li Zhibiao 李智彪 . “A re-evaluation of the upsurge in China-Africa energy cooperation” (“中非能源合作热的冷思考”) West Asia and Africa (西亚非洲) No. 06, Pages 112-128 December 2014. Reviewed by Veda Vaidyanathan (Ph.D. Student, University of Mumbai; ICS-HYI Doctoral Fellow) This article appeared in the journal...More