正义第一原则与财产所有权的民主制 [ The First Principle of Justice and Property-owning Democracy ] ( Lian Zhou , School of Philosophy, Renmin University of China) 论文摘要 :罗尔斯主张正义二原则适用的政经体制并非“福利国家的资本主义”,而是“财产所有权的民主制”或者“自由(民主)社会主义”。本文首先简述罗尔斯对自由社会主义和财产所有权的民主制的正面阐述,以及他对福利国家资本主义的批评;然后将探讨正义第一原则中的“薄版本的经济自由观”的道德理据;最后将通过援引詹姆斯...More
Wang Hui王輝. Bronze inscriptions of the Shang and Zhou dynasties 商周金文. (Wenwu chubanshe文物出版社, 2006). Reviewed by Huang Jie (Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, Wuhan University) As a scholar of Chinese paleography, I would like to recommend Shang Zhou Jinwen 商周金文 (Bronze inscriptions of the...More
《全元文》作者地理分布的可视化呈现 [ Mapping the Geographical Distribution of Authors in The Complete Prose of the Yuan] ( Xu Yongming , Zhejiang University) [内容提要] 《全元文》的作者共计3200余人,有籍贯或省级行政区域著录的有1794人。本文对这1794位作者的地理分布进行了数据分析及可视化呈现。从对数据的分析和地图的可视化呈现来看,《全元文》的作者主要分布在元中书省所辖的腹里地区和故宋都城临安(杭州)的周边省县,前者主要集中在山东、河北、山西和河南,...More
Nakanishi, Tatsuya 中西竜也. Islam in Dialogue with Chinese Civilization: Intellectual Activities of Chinese Muslims duri ng the 17th-19th Centuries (『中華と対話するイスラーム:17-19世紀中国ムスリムの思想的営為』). Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2013. Reviewed by Noriko Unno-Yamazaki (Ph.D. Candidate, The University of Tokyo)...More
Zhang Chuntian 張春田 . Revolution and Lyricism: Cultural Politics of the Southern Society and Chinese Modernity (1903-1922) 革命與抒情:南社的文化政治與中國現代性( 1903-1922 ) . Shanghai People’s Publishing House, 2015. Reviewed by Cui Wendong (Lecturer, School of Humanities and Social Science, The Chinese University...More
Hitoshi Takahashi 高橋均. A Study of the Lunyu Yishu 論語義疏の研究 (Tokyo: Sobunsha 創文社 2013). Reviewed by Yang Yang (PhD candidate, Kyoto University) Most of the annotations to the Analects of Confucius 論語 made by scholars from the Han Dynasty and the Wei and Jin periods have lost their original form, with...More
Yu-Yu Cheng 鄭毓瑜. Discovering Metaphors in Categories: A Keyword in Chinese Literary Studies (引譬連類: 文學研究的關鍵詞), Taipei: Linking Publishing, 2014 (first edition, 2012) Reviewed by Mengwen ZHU ( Ph.D. candidate, The University of Hong Kong) This book explores the phenomenon of “adopting metaphors and...More
Shao Yiping 邵毅平 . The World of the Merchant in Chinese Literature 中國文學中的商人世界 . Shanghai, Fudan University Press, 2005. Reviewed by Mengmeng Ji , Ph.D. Candidate, Fudan University Merchants and the life around them have been important motifs throughout pre-modern Chinese literature. As the...More
Yang Lihua 杨立华. Fifteen Chapters on Neo-Confucianism 宋明理学十五讲. Beijing: Peking University Press, 2015. Reviewed by Li Zhen (Peking University; 2015-2016 HYI Visiting Fellow) As a major topic of research in Chinese philosophy, studies on Neo-Confucianism have witnessed great development in the past...More
Sun Yinggang 孙英刚 . The Weft Prophecy Texts and Political Legitimation in Medieval China 《神文时代:谶纬、术数与中古政治研究》 , Shanghai: Shanghai Guji Chubanshe 上海古籍出版社 , 2014. Reviewed by Yifeng Xie (PhD candidate, Fudan University) In this book, Sun Yinggang discusses the relations among knowledge, beliefs, and...More
Yang Yaocheng 杨耀程 and Yin Chengjun 殷铖君. Discovering the Lalo People: An Exploration of the Lalo Yi Folk Culture in Changning 寻根“腊罗巴”: 昌宁彝族民俗文化考察. Kunming: Yunnan People’s Publishing House, 2011. Reviewed by Zhou Tingsheng (Ph.D. candidate, Minzu University of China, HYI Visiting Fellow 2015-2016)...More
A book by Yan Xiaojun (Visiting Scholar 2016) entitled 香港治與亂 was selected by Asia Weekly (亚洲周刊) as one of the ten best Chinese-language books published in 2015. Read the news announcement here . Dr. Yan is Associate Professor of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Hong Kong, and...More