Neighborhood Space in 1950s Beijing: Urban Governance in the Early PRC (Park Sang-Soo, Korea University) Abstract : Through an analysis of the early urban administration building process, the formation of neighborhood space, the connotation of “autonomy” ( zizhi ) of Residents’ Committees (RCs),...More
Incongruence between employment status and employment preference of married women in cross-border marriages (Chiu Tuen Yi, The Chinese University of Hong Kong) August 2015 - paper removed from website; citation will be provided upon publication . Abstract : A considerable amount of empirical...More
Zhang Yongquan 張湧泉. Textual Criticism of Tunhuang Manuscripts 敦煌寫本文獻學. Gansu: Gansu Education Publishing House, 2013. Reviewed by Yang Yang (PhD candidate, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Kyoto University; Visiting Fellow 2014-2015) In the early twentieth century, a large amount of...More
Ge Xiaoyin 葛曉音. Stylistic Studies on Chinese Poetry from the Pre-Qin, the Han, the Wei to the Six Dynasties 先秦漢魏六朝詩歌體式研究 . Beijing: Peking University Press, 2012. Reviewed by Mengwen Zhu (The University of Hong Kong; 2014-15 HYI Visiting Fellow) This book is a collection of twenty-one papers (...More
Tsuyoshi Ishii 石井剛. Dai Zhen and Chinese Modern Philosophy: From Philology to Philosophy 『戴震と中国近代哲学:漢学から哲学へ』 Tokyo: Chisenshokan, 2014. Reviewed by Kyungnam Moon (Ph.D. Candidate, Philosophy, University of Tokyo) A stereotypical introduction of Dai Zhen (戴震, 1724-77) would be as follows: a person...More
Qiu Yuanyuan. Court Rites and Music during the Early Qing 清前期宫廷礼乐研究. Beijing: shehui kexue wenxian chubanshe, 2012. Reviewed by Gu Songjie (School of History and Culture, Minzu University of China) In recent years, the so-called “new Qing history” based in the United States has presented new ideas...More
When the PRC Penetrates the Northern Thai Borderland: Nationalist Chinese descendants and the Influence of the PRC and Taiwan (Aranya Siriphon, Chiang Mai University) This former working paper has been published in the International Journal of Asian Studies : Aranya Siriphon (2016). THE QIAOBAN,...More
Fang Hui, Anne Underhill, Gary Feinman, Linda Nicholas, Luan Fengshi, Yu Haiguang, and Cai Fengshu, eds. Archaeological report of regional systematic surveys in southeast Shandong 《鲁东南沿海地区系统考古调查报告》 Beijing: Cultural Relics Press, 2012. Reviewed by Qian Yang ( PhD Candidate, Shandong University,...More
Niu Junkai牛军凯. Royal Descendants and Rebels: A Study of the Relations between China and Vietnam’s Mac Clan 皇室后裔与叛乱者: 越南莫氏家族与中国关系研究 World Book Publishing Group, Guangzhou - PRC, 2012. Reviewed by Vu Duong Luan This book by Niu Junkai is a history of political and diplomatic relations between the...More
Peng Chunling 彭春凌. The Transformation of Confucianism and New Mission of Culture: A Focus on Kang Youwei and Zhang Taiyan (1898-1927) , 《儒學轉型與文化新命:以康有為、章太炎為中心(1898﹣1927)》 Beijing: Peking University Press, 2014. Reviewed by Xie Yifeng (PhD candidate, History, Fudan University) Academia used to...More
Li, Yinhe 李銀河. Observations in Sociology 《 我的社會學觀察 》 . Beijing: Chung Hua Gong Shang Lian He Chu Ban She中華工商聯合出版社, 2014. Reviewed by Tuen Yi Chiu (Ph.D. candidate, Department of Sociology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong) Observations in Sociology is an academic book that is based on feminist...More
Lim, Jaehwan 林載桓. The People’s Liberation Army and Chinese Politics: From the Cultural Revolution to Deng Xiaoping 『人民解放軍と中国政治-文化大革命から鄧小平へ-』Nagoya University Press 名古屋大学出版会, 2014. Reviewed by Hiroko Naito (Ph.D. candidate in Political Science, Keio University) This book focuses on the relationship...More