Higher Education Reform in India and China: The Role of the State (Devesh Kapur, University of Pennsylvania and Elizabeth J. Perry, Harvard University) Full paper [PDF]More
The Imperialized Japanese Language Education in Colonial Taiwan and the Manchu State ( 日據臺灣、滿洲時期之皇民化日語教育) ( Siu Kam-wah, Joseph 蕭錦華 ) Abstract: During WWII, Japan made considerable effort to disseminate the spirit of Japanese Imperial Empire and militarism in its colonies and newly-occupied...More
同声异气:中国1958年从朝鲜全部撤军方案的形成 [ Different Intentions with One Voice: The Making of Chinese Troops’ Withdrawal Package from the DPRK in 1958 ] ( Tian Wuxiong , PhD candidate, Peking University) 摘要 :1953年朝鲜停战后,联合国军和中国人民志愿军始终未能就一切外国军队撤离朝鲜半岛达成协议。尽管如此,至1955年底,联合国军和中国人民志愿军却已将大部分军队从韩国或朝鲜撤离。1958年2月,...More
Welfare State Development in East Asia: A Cross-Continental Comparison (Yasuhiro Kamimura, Nagoya University) Abstract : The last quarter century has witnessed the rapid transformation of welfare states in East Asia. It is, however, impossible to capture the magnitude of this change if we limit our...More
Sun Peidong 孙沛东. Fashion and Politics: Everyday Clothing Fashion of Cantonese People (1966-1976) 《时尚与政治: 广东民众日常着装时尚(1966—1976)》 Beijing: People Publishing House, 2013. Reviewed by Haiyun Wu Based on her doctoral dissertation, Sun’s newly published book Fashion and Politics: Everyday Clothing...More
Before Emerging from the Horizon of History: The Birth of Modern Chinese Women’s Writing 《浮出歷史地表之前——中國現代女性寫作的發生》 by Zhang Li 張莉, Nankai University Press, 2010. Reviewed by Zhang Yun (PhD candidate, Modern China Studies, The University of Hong Kong) Zhang Li’s book title indicates her attempt to...More
Wang Mingke 王明珂. On Chinese Borderlands: Historical Memory and Ethnic Identity 《华夏边缘:历史记忆与族群认同》. Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, 2006. Reviewed by YANG Qian (PhD student, Shandong University; HYI Visiting Fellow) Previous anthropologists usually treated language, phenotypic traits, and...More
Wang Fansen 王汎森. Capillary Function of Power: Ideology, Scholarship and Mentality during the Qing Period (权力的毛细管作用:清代的思想、学术与心态). Taipei: Taiwan lianjing shiye gongsi, 2013. Reviewed by Gu Songjie (PhD candidate, School of History and Culture, Minzu University of China) Capillary Function of Power...More
Leung Ki-che 梁其姿 . Facing Illness: Medical Concepts and Organizations in Traditional Chinese Society (面对疾病:传统中国社会的医疗观念与组织). Beijing: China Renmin University Press, 2012. Reviewed by Ge Yun (PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore) This book is not an entirely new...More
Sun Xiaoshu 孙晓舒. The Social Construction of Wildness: An Anthropological Account of the Meaning and Value of Ginseng in Northeast China , 《山参之“野”:关于意义与价格之生成的人类学研究》. Beijing: The Intellectual Property Publishing House, 2013. Reviewed by Fang Jingwen (Doctoral Candidate, Renmin University of China;...More
Zhou Yi 周怡. Huaxi Village: Post-collectivism in A Transitional Economy 《中国第一村: 华西村转型经济中的后集体主义》, Oxford University Press, 2006. Reviewed by CHEN Xi (PhD candidate in Sociology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong) Key Words : Huaxi village, post-collectivism, economic transformation, social...More
Gong Bendong, The Study of Antiphonal Poems and Ci lyrics: Focusing on the Periods of Tang and Song , Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 2013 鞏本棟著:《唱和詩詞研究 —— 以唐宋爲中心》,北京:中華書局, 2013 年 Reviewed by Li Yueyan (Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Literature, Nanjing University; Harvard-Yenching Institute visiting...More