The early Holocene archaeobotanical record from the Zhangmatun site situated at the northern edge of the Shandong Highlands, China (Guiyun Jin, Pavel E. Tarasov, Xinghua Wang, Wenwan Wu, and Xiaohong Wu) Full paper [PDF]More
从《容美纪游》看清代容美土司的食物系统与逃逸文化 [ Food and the Escape Culture of Rongmei Chieftainship in the Qing Dynasty ] (Wu Xu, East China Normal University) 摘要 :南方民族食物系统中的刀耕火种、杂粮、野菜等一直被看成生产力低下的标志。本文以逃逸文化为视角,发现清代容美土司的看似“原始”的食物系统承担有重要的逃逸文化功能。土司的食物系统通过食物生产、制作和餐食结构上的特有习俗来消解水稻的主粮地位、树立与平原国家保持距离的边界符号、消除余粮积累,维持其政治经济上的“游耕-...More
Mao Zedong, Stalin and the Korean War . 《毛泽东、斯大林与朝鲜战争》, by Shen, Zhihua 沈志华. ( Guangzhou: Guangdong renmin chubanshe, 2013.2, third edition) Reviewed by Tian Wuxiong (PhD candidate, History, Peking University; HYI Archival Research Training Program Visiting Fellow) Field: History Key Words: the...More
An Interdisciplinary Perspective to a Historical Issue: A Jesuit Madonna Case in the Seventeenth Century (Chen Hui-hung, National Taiwan University) Abstract : Historical issues regarding cultural encounters can require explorations of complex relationships between the past and present, the Self...More
The Study of Historical Commentaries in the Song Dynasty 《宋代史論研究》, by Sun Liyao 孫立堯 (Beijing: Zhonghua Shuju Press, 2009) Reviewed by Li Yueyan (Ph.D. Candidate, Literature, Nanjing University; Harvard-Yenching Institute visiting fellow) The Study of Historical Commentaries in the Song Dynasty is...More
A Cultural History of the Chinese Character “ Ta" (She)—On the invention and identification of a new female pronoun ("她”字的文化史—女性新代词的发明与认同研究"), by Huang Xingtao 黄兴涛. Fuzhou: Fujian jiaoyu chubanshe, 2009. Reviewed by Zhang Yun (PhD candidate, The University of Hong Kong; HYI Visiting Fellow) Early-...More
The China Dream in Question (Zhao Tingyang, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) Abstract : The ‘China dream’ has become a public topic open to debate this year, partly due to new chairman Xi Jinping’s encouraging claim of it, reminding people of the Chinese pursuit of national revival for more than...More
Translation and Culture of Murakami Haruki in Taiwan (村上春樹文學在台灣的翻譯與文化), by Zhang Mingmin (張明敏). (Taipei: Lianhe Wenxue, Unitas Publishing Co. (聯合文學出版社), 2009) Reviewed by Hiroko Matsuzaki (Post-Doctoral Fellow, UC-Santa Barbara; HYI Visiting Fellow, 2011-12) If you were to ask someone in Taiwan to...More
共产主义中国的群众运动与乡村治理 (1945-1976) [ Mass Movements and Rural Governance in Communist China, 1945-76 ] (Li Lifeng, Nanjing University) ABSTRACT : Following the founding of the People’s Republic, successive mass movements spread like wildfire across China’s urban and rural areas, setting the tone for the...More
Cultural Governance in Contemporary China: "Re-Orienting" Party Propaganda (Elizabeth J. Perry, Harvard University) Download the full paperMore
Revolutionary Party and Rural Society (革命政党与乡村社会:抗战时期中国共产党的组织形态研究) , by Li Lifeng 李里峰. Nanjing: Jiangsu People's Publishing House, 2011. Reviewed by Chen Guiming (PhD candidate, History, Sun Yat-sen University; HYI Archival Research Training Program Visiting Fellow) The historiography of the...More
Samurai Sword and Lancet: The Framing and Spread of “Western” Medicine in Japan (武士刀与柳叶刀——日本西洋医学的扩散), by Liu Shi-yung刘世永. Taipei: Taida chuban zhongxin, 2012. Reviewed by Luwei Yang , MA candidate, History, Nankai University; HYI Archival Research Training Program Visiting Fellow After his study on...More