NAGURA Kyoko奈仓京子. “The Formation of Returned Overseas Chinese Identity and its Ramifications: a Case Study on the Yuehaiwan Overseas Chinese Farm in Guangdong” (“归侨认同意识的形成及其动态 * ———以广东粤海湾华侨农场为例”) in Journal of Overseas Chinese History Studies (华侨华人历史研究) 2008 Vol 3. Reviewed by Severin Kuok (PhD...More
Yip, Hon Ming 葉漢明, ed. Globalization and Gender: The Implications of Global Economic Restructuring for Women in China and Southeast Asia 《 全球化與性別:全球經濟重組對中國和東南亞女性的意義 》 . Hong Kong: The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學香港亞太研究所, 2011. Reviewed by Tuen Yi Chiu (Ph.D. candidate, Department of...More
Welfare State Development in East Asia: A Cross-Continental Comparison (Yasuhiro Kamimura, Nagoya University) Abstract : The last quarter century has witnessed the rapid transformation of welfare states in East Asia. It is, however, impossible to capture the magnitude of this change if we limit our...More
Religion and Society in Java: Ethnographic Memoir of Indonesia under Suharto’s New Order , by Fukushima Masato (Tokyo: Hitsuji Shobo, 2002) 福島真人『ジャワの宗教と社会:スハルト体制下インドネシアの民族誌的メモワール』(東京:ひつじ書房, 2002) Reviewed by Aizawa Risa (Ph.D. candidate, Tohoku University; HYI Visiting Fellow) Masato Fukushima’s...More