Lee Hansang 이한상. A Study on the Regional Ruling System of Baekje Shown from the Granting of Ornaments (장신구 사여체제로 본 백제의 지방지배). Seoul: Sŏgyŏng Munhwasa (서경문화사), 2009. Reviewed by Park Jiyoung (Ph.D. candidate, Department of Archaeology and Art history, Seoul National University) The luxurious...More
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Lee Sungjoo (이성주). Technological innovation and production system of ceramic: interpreting Proto-Three Kingdoms period ceramic assemblages of Youngnam province (토기제작의 기술혁신과 생산체계: 원삼국시대 영남지역의 토기유물군과 그 변화에 대한 해석). Seoul: Hagyon Munhwasa (학연문화사), 2014. Reviewed by Park, Jiyoung (Ph.D. candidate,...More
조선말기 삼성(三聖) 신앙과 경전 형성 -《성계집(聖乩集)》을 중심으로- ("Three Deities Faith and Distribution of Scriptures in the Late Chosŏn: Based on the Collection of Holy Spirit-Writing ") ( Kim Jihyun , Seoul National University) Paper removed October 2019More
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Ko Yŏn-hŭi 고연희. Appreciating Portraits of Chosŏn Dynasty Scholars and High Officials by Using the Eulogies for these Figures 《화상찬으로 읽는 사대부의 초상화》. Kyŏnggi-do Sŏngnam-si: Han'gukhak Chungang Yŏn'guwŏn Ch'ulp'anbu 한국학중앙연구원출판부, 2015. Reviewed by In-Hee Song (Ph.D. Candidate, Ewha Womans University;...More
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Fujii Takeshi 후지이 다케시 . Between Fascism and 3rd World-ism: A History of the eight years following the Liberation focusing on the formation and demise of the Korean National Youth Corps Faction 《파시즘과 제3세계주의 사이에서: 족청계의 형성과 몰락을 통해 본 해방8년사》. Seoul: Yŏksa Pip'yŏngsa 역사비평사, 2012. Reviewed by Seokwon Kim...More
Contentious Diffusion of Human Rights: Evidence from South Korean Print Media, 1990-2010 (Jeong-Woo Koo, Sungkyunkwan University, and Sookyung Kim, Korea University) Abstract : The current scholarship on the human rights diffusion is not well equipped to account for the remarkable dynamics that are...More
Kimura Kan 기무라 간. The Establishment of an Authoritarian Regime in South Korea: Until the Collapse of the Syngman Rhee Regime 『한국의 권위주의적 체제 성립: 이승만 정권의 붕괴까지』. Seoul: J&C Publishing Corporation 서울: 제이엔씨. 2013. Reviewed by Kim Bo-Mi (Seoul National University) Why did so many colonized countries,...More