High School Admission Reforms, Equality of Educational Opportunity, and Academic Performance in Taiwan ( Min-Hsiung Huang , Academia Sinica) Abstract: Recent school admission reforms in Taiwan have been designed to avoid an unhealthy focus on academic competence and on preparation for high-stakes...More
Wu, Rwei-ren 吳叡人 . Prometheus Unbound: When Formosa Reclaims the World 『受困的思想:臺灣重返世界』 . Taipei: Acropolis, 2016. Reviewed by: Chang Cheng-chieh (Ph.D. Candidate, Japanese Culture Studies, Nagoya University; HYI Visiting Fellow) Taiwan’s democratization since the 1980s has taken place in the context...More
Dis/Re-Connecting Japan to Taiwan: The Complex Feelings of Different Japanese Generations toward Taiwan in Yoshida Shūichi’s Road ( Hiroko Matsuzaki , Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Santa Barbara) The revised working paper has been published in the Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies...More
Wen-Chin Chang (HYI Visiting Scholar, 2007-08) and Sean Hsiang-lin Lei (HYI Visiting Scholar, 2004-05) were both awarded the 2015 ‘Scholarly Monograph Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences’ from Academia Sinica for their recent publications. Dr. Chang (Research Fellow, Research Center for...More
Yip, Hon Ming 葉漢明, ed. Globalization and Gender: The Implications of Global Economic Restructuring for Women in China and Southeast Asia 《 全球化與性別:全球經濟重組對中國和東南亞女性的意義 》 . Hong Kong: The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學香港亞太研究所, 2011. Reviewed by Tuen Yi Chiu (Ph.D. candidate, Department of...More
When the PRC Penetrates the Northern Thai Borderland: Nationalist Chinese descendants and the Influence of the PRC and Taiwan (Aranya Siriphon, Chiang Mai University) This former working paper has been published in the International Journal of Asian Studies : Aranya Siriphon (2016). THE QIAOBAN,...More
The Imperialized Japanese Language Education in Colonial Taiwan and the Manchu State ( 日據臺灣、滿洲時期之皇民化日語教育) ( Siu Kam-wah, Joseph 蕭錦華 ) Abstract: During WWII, Japan made considerable effort to disseminate the spirit of Japanese Imperial Empire and militarism in its colonies and newly-occupied...More
Welfare State Development in East Asia: A Cross-Continental Comparison (Yasuhiro Kamimura, Nagoya University) Abstract : The last quarter century has witnessed the rapid transformation of welfare states in East Asia. It is, however, impossible to capture the magnitude of this change if we limit our...More
Intra-Cohort Growth in the Inequality of Mathematics Performance: Taiwan, the U.S. and the state of Massachusetts from an International Perspective (Huang Min-Hsiung, Academia Sinica) Abstract : As students in Taiwan progress from elementary to junior high school, a remarkable increase in the...More
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