Creating Living Space against Social Exclusion: The Experience of Sama-Bajau migrants in Davao City, the Philippines ( Waka AOYAMA, The University of Tokyo) Abstract : In Davao City, the Philippines, ethno-linguistic and cultural diversity are officially treated as resources. However, the Sama-...More
(Re)Crafting Citizenship: Cards, Colors, and the Politic of Identification in Thailand (Pinkaew Laungaramsri, Chiang Mai University) Abstract : This paper traces the genealogy of one type of state artifacts in Thailand, the Identification Card. Central to the research question is how the chaotic...More
When the PRC Penetrates the Northern Thai Borderland: Nationalist Chinese descendants and the Influence of the PRC and Taiwan (Aranya Siriphon, Chiang Mai University) This former working paper has been published in the International Journal of Asian Studies : Aranya Siriphon (2016). THE QIAOBAN,...More
Nguyen Duc Loc. Social Structure of Migrant Catholic Communes in Southern Viet Nam: From Communities to Individuals (Cấu hình Xã hội Cộng đồng Công giáo Bắc di cư tại Nam bộ, từ kích thước cộng đồng đến kích thước cá nhân) Ho Chi Minh City National University Press, 2014. Reviewed by Nguyen Quang...More
To Become “Christian Bajau”: The Sama Dilaut’s Conversion to Pentecostal Christianity in Davao City, Philippines ( Aoyama Waka , The University of Tokyo) March 2016 - paper removed Abstract : The predicament of the Sama Dilaut who fled conflict-mired areas in the Southern Philippines northward to...More
Wang Mingke 王明珂. On Chinese Borderlands: Historical Memory and Ethnic Identity 《华夏边缘:历史记忆与族群认同》. Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, 2006. Reviewed by YANG Qian (PhD student, Shandong University; HYI Visiting Fellow) Previous anthropologists usually treated language, phenotypic traits, and...More
Sun Xiaoshu 孙晓舒. The Social Construction of Wildness: An Anthropological Account of the Meaning and Value of Ginseng in Northeast China , 《山参之“野”:关于意义与价格之生成的人类学研究》. Beijing: The Intellectual Property Publishing House, 2013. Reviewed by Fang Jingwen (Doctoral Candidate, Renmin University of China;...More
A Japanese animist in the Kachin hills: Toshihiro Yoshida’s ethnographic books on the Kachin people in Northern Myanmar A book review for “New Frontiers in Asian Scholarship” by Masao Imamura (PhD candidate, National University of Singapore) Corridors of Forest, 森の回廊 byToshihiro Yoshida吉田 敏浩, Tokyo...More
从《容美纪游》看清代容美土司的食物系统与逃逸文化 [ Food and the Escape Culture of Rongmei Chieftainship in the Qing Dynasty ] (Wu Xu, East China Normal University) 摘要 :南方民族食物系统中的刀耕火种、杂粮、野菜等一直被看成生产力低下的标志。本文以逃逸文化为视角,发现清代容美土司的看似“原始”的食物系统承担有重要的逃逸文化功能。土司的食物系统通过食物生产、制作和餐食结构上的特有习俗来消解水稻的主粮地位、树立与平原国家保持距离的边界符号、消除余粮积累,维持其政治经济上的“游耕-...More
Religion and Society in Java: Ethnographic Memoir of Indonesia under Suharto’s New Order , by Fukushima Masato (Tokyo: Hitsuji Shobo, 2002) 福島真人『ジャワの宗教と社会:スハルト体制下インドネシアの民族誌的メモワール』(東京:ひつじ書房, 2002) Reviewed by Aizawa Risa (Ph.D. candidate, Tohoku University; HYI Visiting Fellow) Masato Fukushima’s...More
The Nomad's Choice :The First Encounter Between Northern Nomads and Imperial China, (游牧者的抉择:面对汉帝国的北亚游牧部族) by Wang Mingke (Guilin: Guangxi Normal University Press, 2008, 304 pages). Reviewed by Liang Zhao ( College of Literature and Journalism, Sichuan University; HYI Visiting Scholar, 2008-2009)...More
Mental Disorders of the Tao Aboriginal Minority in Taiwan: Modernity, Social Change, and the Origin of Social Suffering , By Yu-yueh Tsai (Taipei: Linking Publishing Co., 2009), xxii+533 pp. 蔡友月著,『達悟族的精神失序:現代性、變遷與受苦的社會根源』(台北:聯經出版社,2009年),533頁。 Reviewed by Shang-Jen Li (Institute of History and...More