Displaying Chinese Folklore to the World: the 2008 Olympic Games and International Folkloric Tourism in Gaobeidian Village, Beijing (YANG Lihui, Professor, Institute of Folklore and Cultural Anthropology, Beijing Normal University; HYI Associate, 2006-07)More
Incarceration and the Incarcerated: Power and Resistance , by Saipin Suputtamongkol. (Bangkok: Thammasat University Press, 2002, 293 pp.) Reviewed by Non Arkaraprasertkul (HYI Doctoral Scholar Candidate 2008-2012, Oxford University). At the very fundamental level, Incarceration and the Incarcerated...More
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The Transformation of Religions and Religious Beliefs in Vietnam Today , 355 pages, Hanoi: The Gioi Publisher, 2008 Reviewed by Pham Quynh Phuong (Southeast Asian Studies Program, National University of Singapore) For the last two decades, Vietnam has experienced an upsurge and remarkable...More
Resilient Lilong: an Ethnography of Shanghai's Urban Housing (NON Arkaraprasertkul, Oxford University; HYI Doctoral Scholar, 2008-2012)More