Art History

Wei Wenbin and Zhang Liming 魏文斌、张利明. Paintings of the Journey to the West and Paintings of Xuan Zang's Pilgrimage for Buddhist Scriptures 《西游记壁画与玄奘取经图像》. Jiangsu Fenghuang chubanshe 江苏凤凰美术出版社, June 2019, Color Edition. Reviewed by Lina Zhang (PhD candidate, Lanzhou University) Xuanzang (600-664)...More
Kobayashi Hiromitsu 小林宏光. Discourse on the History of Chinese Pictorial Printmaking 『中国版画史論』Tokyo: Bensei Shuppan 勉誠出版 , 2017 Book Review by Miki Homma (Waseda University) Kobayashi Hiromitsu’s Discourse on the History of Chinese Pictorial Printmaking discusses the history of Chinese pictorial...More
Akiko SHIMONO 下野玲子. A Study on Foding zunsheng tuoluoni jing Scenes in Dunhuang. 敦煌仏頂尊勝陀羅尼経変相図の研究. Tokyo: Bensei Shuppan 勉誠出版 , 2017 . Reviewed by Zhang Mengyan (Fudan University) The Uṣṇīṣavijayā Dhāraṇī Sūtra ( 佛顶尊胜陀罗尼经, UVDS ) was well-spread in the history of East Asia. In the process of...More
Luo Wenhua, sKal bzang chos ’phel (Eds.) 罗文华,格桑曲培主编. The Murals of Gong dkar chos sde Monastery: A Milestone in Tibetan Buddhist Art History. 《贡嘎曲德寺壁画:藏传佛教美术史的里程碑》. Beijing: The Palace Museum Press, 2015,407 pp. Reviewed by Wang Chuanbo The explosion of publications on the Gong dkar chos sde...More
Xiong Wenbing and Li Yizhi (eds.) 熊文彬,李逸之主编. Tsha-tsha Art from Guge, Tibet (《西藏古格擦擦艺术》). Beijing: China Tibetology Press, 2016. Reviewed by Wang Chuanbo (Ph.D. candidate, Zhejiang University, China; HYI Visiting Fellow) Surveys of the artistic heritage of the Western Himalayas, a fascinating...More
Yang Zhishui 扬之水. The Three Sanchi Stupas: Mundane Aesthetic of the Buddhist Paradise 《桑奇三塔:西天佛国的世俗情味》. Beijing: Sanlian Bookstore Press 三联书店 , 2012. Reviewed by Mingzhou Chi 池明宙 (Ph.D. Candidate, Peking University; 2017-18 HYI South Asian Studies in China Visiting Fellow) Zhishui Yang is noted for...More
Hwang Jung-yŏn 황정연. A Study on the collection of Calligraphies and Paintings in the Chosŏn Dynasty 《조선시대 서화 수장 연구》 (Kyŏnggi-do Sŏngnam-si: Sin'gu Munhwasa 신구문화사, 2012) Reviewed by In-Hee Song 송인희 (Ph.D. Candidate, Ewha Womans University; 2016-17 HYI Visiting Fellow) This book explores the history...More
Ko Yŏn-hŭi 고연희. Appreciating Portraits of Chosŏn Dynasty Scholars and High Officials by Using the Eulogies for these Figures 《화상찬으로 읽는 사대부의 초상화》. Kyŏnggi-do Sŏngnam-si: Han'gukhak Chungang Yŏn'guwŏn Ch'ulp'anbu 한국학중앙연구원출판부, 2015. Reviewed by In-Hee Song (Ph.D. Candidate, Ewha Womans University;...More
SUGAWARA Mayumi 菅原真弓. The Nineteenth Century of Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints: Time in Landscape, Space in Historical Imagery 『浮世絵版画の十九世紀 風景の時間、歴史の空間』 Tokyo: Brücke, 2009. Reviewed by Sadamura Koto (PhD Candidate, the University of Tokyo; HYI Visiting Fellow, 2013-14) Scarcity of literature on late...More
Kinoshita Naoyuki 木下直之, Brothers of the Groin: Is the Body of Men Art ?『股間若衆 男の裸は芸術か』Tokyo: Shinchō-sha, 2012. Reviewed by Sadamura Koto (PhD Candidate, the University of Tokyo; HYI Visiting Fellow, 2013-14) Keywords : Japan, History of Art, Visual Culture, Cultural Studies Those who have some...More
Kang, Myŏng-gwan. Women’s History in Chosŏn Korea as Viewed through Paintings. Seoul: Humanist, 2012. 강명관 , 그림으로 읽는 조선 여성의 역사 , 서울 : 휴머니스트 , 2012. Reviewed by Yoo Jaebin (PhD candidate, Seoul National University) Myŏng-gwan Kang has pioneered the integration of art history with the study of Korean...More
An Interdisciplinary Perspective to a Historical Issue: A Jesuit Madonna Case in the Seventeenth Century (Chen Hui-hung, National Taiwan University) Abstract : Historical issues regarding cultural encounters can require explorations of complex relationships between the past and present, the Self...More