Cultural Studies

Pornrat Damrhung et al., eds. Performance Phenomena ( ปรากฏการณ์การแสดง). Bangkok: Thailand Science Research and Innovation, 2019. Reviewed by Sura Intamool (Department of English, Faculty of Humanities, Chiang Mai University; Ph.D. candidate in Theatre Studies, National University of Singapore;...More
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The Symbol of the Dragon and Ways to Shape Cultural Identities in Vietnam and Japan ( Nguyen Ngoc Tho , University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City) Abstract : Vietnam, a member of the ASEAN community, and Japan have been sharing Han-Chinese cultural...More
Before Emerging from the Horizon of History: The Birth of Modern Chinese Women’s Writing 《浮出歷史地表之前——中國現代女性寫作的發生》 by Zhang Li 張莉, Nankai University Press, 2010. Reviewed by Zhang Yun (PhD candidate, Modern China Studies, The University of Hong Kong) Zhang Li’s book title indicates her attempt to...More
Kinoshita Naoyuki 木下直之, Brothers of the Groin: Is the Body of Men Art ?『股間若衆 男の裸は芸術か』Tokyo: Shinchō-sha, 2012. Reviewed by Sadamura Koto (PhD Candidate, the University of Tokyo; HYI Visiting Fellow, 2013-14) Keywords : Japan, History of Art, Visual Culture, Cultural Studies Those who have some...More
A Japanese animist in the Kachin hills: Toshihiro Yoshida’s ethnographic books on the Kachin people in Northern Myanmar A book review for “New Frontiers in Asian Scholarship” by Masao Imamura (PhD candidate, National University of Singapore) Corridors of Forest, 森の回廊 byToshihiro Yoshida吉田 敏浩, Tokyo...More
A Cultural History of the Chinese Character “ Ta" (She)—On the invention and identification of a new female pronoun ("她”字的文化史—女性新代词的发明与认同研究"), by Huang Xingtao 黄兴涛. Fuzhou: Fujian jiaoyu chubanshe, 2009. Reviewed by Zhang Yun (PhD candidate, The University of Hong Kong; HYI Visiting Fellow) Early-...More