Wei Wenbin and Zhang Liming 魏文斌、张利明. Paintings of the Journey to the West and Paintings of Xuan Zang's Pilgrimage for Buddhist Scriptures 《西游记壁画与玄奘取经图像》. Jiangsu Fenghuang chubanshe 江苏凤凰美术出版社, June 2019, Color Edition. Reviewed by Lina Zhang (PhD candidate, Lanzhou University) Xuanzang (600-664)...More
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Hồ Trung Tú. There were such 500 years: Quảng Nam’s identity from the view of historical periodization (Có 500 năm như thế: Bản sắc Quảng Nam từ góc nhìn phân kỳ lịch sử). Hanoi: Thời Đại Publishing House, 2011. Reviewed by: Pham Thi Thanh Huyen (HYI Visiting Fellow, HYI-NUS Joint Doctoral Scholar...More
세계사의 시각에서 본 근현대 중국 조세 구조의 전환 (" The Transition of Modern Chinese Tax Structure from the View of Global History") [Korean original version] ( Kang Jin A , Hanyang University) 世界史の視座から見た中国近現代租税構造の転換 ("The Transition of Modern Chinese Tax Structure from the View of Global History") [Japanese...More