History of Medicine & Science

“The Transnational Medical Institution in China in the First Half of the 20th Century: A Case Study of the Peking Union Medical College” (20世纪上半叶跨国医学机构在中国), by Jiang Yuhong 蒋育红. In Medicine and International Relations (医学与国际关系), ed. Qin Qian 秦倩, Shanghai People’s Publishing House, 2018. Reviewed by...More
Takano Asako 高野麻子. Fingerprinting and Modernity: Control of Moving Bodies and Technology of Governance 『指紋と近代——移動する身体の管理と統治の技法』.Tokyo: Misuzu shobō, 2016. Reviewed by Hiro Fujimoto (Ph.D. Student, The University of Tokyo; 2016-17 HYI Visiting Fellow) In the late nineteenth century, Henry Faulds, a...More
Yu Xinzhong 余新忠 . The Sanitation and Quarantine System in the Qing Dynasty and its Evolution in Modern China 《清代卫生防疫机制及其近代演变》. Beijing: Beijing shifan daxue chubanshe, 2016. Reviewed by Wang Yumeng (Ph.D. candidate, Nankai University) In modern China, weisheng (sanitation/hygiene) is a word with...More
Sugiyama Hiroaki 杉山博昭. The History of Christian Social Welfare in Japan from the Perspective of Local Practice: From the Modern Period to the Post-WWII Period 『「地方」の実践からみた日本キリスト教社会福祉——近代から戦後まで』. Kyoto: Mineruva shobō, 2015. Reviewed by Hiro Fujimoto (Ph.D. Student, The University of Tokyo; 2016-17...More
Leung Ki-che 梁其姿 . Facing Illness: Medical Concepts and Organizations in Traditional Chinese Society (面对疾病:传统中国社会的医疗观念与组织). Beijing: China Renmin University Press, 2012. Reviewed by Ge Yun (PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore) This book is not an entirely new...More
Samurai Sword and Lancet: The Framing and Spread of “Western” Medicine in Japan (武士刀与柳叶刀——日本西洋医学的扩散), by Liu Shi-yung刘世永. Taipei: Taida chuban zhongxin, 2012. Reviewed by Luwei Yang , MA candidate, History, Nankai University; HYI Archival Research Training Program Visiting Fellow After his study on...More
Xue Yiwei, Norman Bethune’s Children . This novel has been published in installments in the journal New Land Literature , Taiwan, since 2011, Issue 2. The whole book will be published in Taiwan in the spring of 2012. 薛憶溈:《白求恩的孩子們》,正連載於台灣《新地》文學季刊,2011年第2期始。全書明年春天將於臺灣出版。 Reviewed by Yao Dadui (Ph.D...More
Politics of Life and Science: The Introduction of Hans Driesch's Vitalism to Post-WWI China (Ku-ming (Kevin) Chang, Academia Sinica; HYI Visiting Scholar 2011-12) February 2016 - paper removedMore
Heritage and Betrayal: A Treatise on the Emergence of Modern Science in Western Civilization By Chen, Fong-ching (Institute of Chinese Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong) 718 pp. SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2009. Reviewed by Wu, Fengshi, Chinese University of Hong Kong (Harvard-Yenching...More
A Biography of Dudgeon: A British Medical Missionary and the Medical Modernization of the Late Qing Dynasty , by Gao Xi (Shanghai:Fudan University Press 2009) (高晞:《德贞传--一个英国传教士与晚清医学近代化》 上海:复旦大学出版社, 2009) Reviewed by Liu Ping, Professor of History, College of History & Culture, Shandong...More