History of Medicine & Science

Takano Asako 高野麻子. Fingerprinting and Modernity: Control of Moving Bodies and Technology of Governance 『指紋と近代——移動する身体の管理と統治の技法』.Tokyo: Misuzu shobō, 2016. Reviewed by Hiro Fujimoto (Ph.D. Student, The University of Tokyo; 2016-17 HYI Visiting Fellow) In the late nineteenth century, Henry Faulds, a...More
Yu Xinzhong 余新忠 . The Sanitation and Quarantine System in the Qing Dynasty and its Evolution in Modern China 《清代卫生防疫机制及其近代演变》. Beijing: Beijing shifan daxue chubanshe, 2016. Reviewed by Wang Yumeng (Ph.D. candidate, Nankai University) In modern China, weisheng (sanitation/hygiene) is a word with...More
Sugiyama Hiroaki 杉山博昭. The History of Christian Social Welfare in Japan from the Perspective of Local Practice: From the Modern Period to the Post-WWII Period 『「地方」の実践からみた日本キリスト教社会福祉——近代から戦後まで』. Kyoto: Mineruva shobō, 2015. Reviewed by Hiro Fujimoto (Ph.D. Student, The University of Tokyo; 2016-17...More
Leung Ki-che 梁其姿 . Facing Illness: Medical Concepts and Organizations in Traditional Chinese Society (面对疾病:传统中国社会的医疗观念与组织). Beijing: China Renmin University Press, 2012. Reviewed by Ge Yun (PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore) This book is not an entirely new...More
Samurai Sword and Lancet: The Framing and Spread of “Western” Medicine in Japan (武士刀与柳叶刀——日本西洋医学的扩散), by Liu Shi-yung刘世永. Taipei: Taida chuban zhongxin, 2012. Reviewed by Luwei Yang , MA candidate, History, Nankai University; HYI Archival Research Training Program Visiting Fellow After his study on...More
Xue Yiwei, Norman Bethune’s Children . This novel has been published in installments in the journal New Land Literature , Taiwan, since 2011, Issue 2. The whole book will be published in Taiwan in the spring of 2012. 薛憶溈:《白求恩的孩子們》,正連載於台灣《新地》文學季刊,2011年第2期始。全書明年春天將於臺灣出版。 Reviewed by Yao Dadui (Ph.D...More
Politics of Life and Science: The Introduction of Hans Driesch's Vitalism to Post-WWI China (Ku-ming (Kevin) Chang, Academia Sinica; HYI Visiting Scholar 2011-12) February 2016 - paper removedMore
Heritage and Betrayal: A Treatise on the Emergence of Modern Science in Western Civilization By Chen, Fong-ching (Institute of Chinese Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong) 718 pp. SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2009. Reviewed by Wu, Fengshi, Chinese University of Hong Kong (Harvard-Yenching...More
A Biography of Dudgeon: A British Medical Missionary and the Medical Modernization of the Late Qing Dynasty , by Gao Xi (Shanghai:Fudan University Press 2009) (高晞:《德贞传--一个英国传教士与晚清医学近代化》 上海:复旦大学出版社, 2009) Reviewed by Liu Ping, Professor of History, College of History & Culture, Shandong...More