Wei Wenbin and Zhang Liming 魏文斌、张利明. Paintings of the Journey to the West and Paintings of Xuan Zang's Pilgrimage for Buddhist Scriptures 《西游记壁画与玄奘取经图像》. Jiangsu Fenghuang chubanshe 江苏凤凰美术出版社, June 2019, Color Edition. Reviewed by Lina Zhang (PhD candidate, Lanzhou University) Xuanzang (600-664)...More
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Dis/Re-Connecting Japan to Taiwan: The Complex Feelings of Different Japanese Generations toward Taiwan in Yoshida Shūichi’s Road ( Hiroko Matsuzaki , Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Santa Barbara) The revised working paper has been published in the Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies...More
《全元文》作者地理分布的可视化呈现 [ Mapping the Geographical Distribution of Authors in The Complete Prose of the Yuan] ( Xu Yongming , Zhejiang University) [内容提要] 《全元文》的作者共计3200余人,有籍贯或省级行政区域著录的有1794人。本文对这1794位作者的地理分布进行了数据分析及可视化呈现。从对数据的分析和地图的可视化呈现来看,《全元文》的作者主要分布在元中书省所辖的腹里地区和故宋都城临安(杭州)的周边省县,前者主要集中在山东、河北、山西和河南,...More
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