正义第一原则与财产所有权的民主制 [ The First Principle of Justice and Property-owning Democracy ] ( Lian Zhou , School of Philosophy, Renmin University of China) 论文摘要 :罗尔斯主张正义二原则适用的政经体制并非“福利国家的资本主义”,而是“财产所有权的民主制”或者“自由(民主)社会主义”。本文首先简述罗尔斯对自由社会主义和财产所有权的民主制的正面阐述,以及他对福利国家资本主义的批评;然后将探讨正义第一原则中的“薄版本的经济自由观”的道德理据;最后将通过援引詹姆斯...More
Tsuyoshi Ishii 石井剛. Dai Zhen and Chinese Modern Philosophy: From Philology to Philosophy 『戴震と中国近代哲学:漢学から哲学へ』 Tokyo: Chisenshokan, 2014. Reviewed by Kyungnam Moon (Ph.D. Candidate, Philosophy, University of Tokyo) A stereotypical introduction of Dai Zhen (戴震, 1724-77) would be as follows: a person...More
Notomi, Noburu 納富信留 . Plato: A Now and Then of the Ideal State 『プラトン:理想国の現在』 Tokyo: Keio University Press, 2012. Reviewed by Kyungnam Moon (Ph.D. Candidate, Philosophy, University of Tokyo; HYI Visiting Fellow) This book is probably the first exhaustive survey on the reception of Plato’s Republic...More
Study on Bamboo and Silk Versions of Wuxing and Other Newly Unearthed Confucian Texts 竹帛《五行》與簡帛研究, by CHEN Lai 陳來 (Beijing: Sanlian Book Store北京:三聯書店, 2009) Reviewed by PENG Guoxiang彭國翔, Professor of Chinese Philosophy, Intellectual History and Religion, Department of Philosophy, Tsinghua...More
Transforming Knowledge into Wisdom: a review of The Collected Works of Feng Qi ( East China Normal University Press, 1996-1998) Reviewed by YU Zhenhua, Department of Philosophy, East China Normal University Feng Qi (1915-1995) was one of the few original, systematic philosophers in the second half...More