Political Science

Trương Tiến Hưng. Using Cham customary law in the state administration of provincial government ( Vận dụng luật tục dân tộc Chăm trong quản lí nhà nước của chính quyền địa phương ). Hanoi: National Political Publishing House, 2014. Reviewed by: Pham Thi Thanh Huyen (HYI visiting fellow- Lecturer of...More
Wang Shaoguang and Fan Peng. 王绍光,樊鹏。 The Chinese Model of Consensus Decision-making: A Case Study of Healthcare Reform (中国式共识型决策:“开门”与“磨合”)。China Renmin University Press 中国人民大学出版社, 2013. Reviewed by Yang Shen (City University of Hong Kong; HYI Chinese Politics Training Program Visiting Fellow, 2018...More
Ying Xing 应星. Emotions and Contentious Politics in Contemporary Rural China. "气"与抗争政治 : 当代中国乡村社会稳定问题研究. Beijing: Social Science Academic Press 社会科学文献出版社, 2011. Reviewer: Wu Jie , Ph.D. candidate, The University of Hong Kong “Qi” (气) is one of the most important explanations for the occurrence of...More
Zhou Xueguang 周雪光. The Institutional Logic of Governance in China: An Organizational Approach (中国国家治理的制度逻辑:一个组织学研究). SDX & Harvard-Yenching Academic Library 生活·读书·新知 三联书店, 2017. Reviewed by Zhang Shiyu (PhD candidate, Chinese University of Hong Kong; HYI Chinese Politics Training Program...More
Deng Yanhua 邓燕华. Environmental Resistance in Rural China: the Case of Huazhen (中国农村的环保抗争:以华镇事件为案例) . Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press 中国社会科学出版社 (2016). Reviewed by Shen Yang (City University of Hong Kong; HYI Visiting Fellow, Chinese Politics Training Program, 2018-19) Deng Yanhua’s book...More
Dong Leiming 董磊明. Songcun Village: Authority and Discipline in a Time of Radical Change 宋村的调解: 巨变时代的权威与秩序. Beijing: Fa lv chu ban she 法律出版社 , 2008. Reviewed by Wu Jie (Ph.D. candidate, The University of Hong Kong) Since the 1990s, the case of the rural petitioner in China has captured the attention...More
Guangdong: One Step Ahead in China Again? Xiao Bin (肖滨). Understanding Leading Governance Samples in China: A Theoretical Analysis of Guangdong Experience (理解中国治理的广东样本:广东经验的理论分析), Guangzhou: Sun Yat-sen University Press (广州:中山大学出版社), 2017 Reviewed by Xiao Diwen Guangdong Province has a long history...More
Zuo Shiyuan (左世元). The Relationship between Hanyeping Enterprise and Government (汉冶萍公司与政府关系). China Social Sciences Press, 2016. Reviewed by Liu Zhao The Relationship between Hanyeping Enterprise and Government is a new book, written by Zuo Shiyuan (左世元) and published by China Social Sciences Press...More
Zhang Linshan 张林山, Sun Fengyi 孙凤仪 et al. The Phenomenon of Reform Obstruction in China: Performance, Origin and Solution (《改革梗阻现象:表现、根源与治理》). Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press (China), 2017. Reviewed by: Diwen Xiao (Ph.D. Candidate, China, Social Policy, Sun Yat-sen University, HYI Chinese...More
Li Bingkui 李秉奎. Gender, Romance and Marriage of Chinese Youth During the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) (狂澜与潜流:中国青年的性恋与婚姻(1966-1976)). Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press, 2015. Reviewed by Liu Zhao (PhD candidate, University of Hong Kong) This book is the first systematic study on private...More
Wu, Rwei-ren 吳叡人 . Prometheus Unbound: When Formosa Reclaims the World 『受困的思想:臺灣重返世界』 . Taipei: Acropolis, 2016. Reviewed by: Chang Cheng-chieh (Ph.D. Candidate, Japanese Culture Studies, Nagoya University; HYI Visiting Fellow) Taiwan’s democratization since the 1980s has taken place in the context...More
围观改变中国?——互联网书写与中国式公共领域的特质 [ Have Onlookers Changed China? Characteristics of Internet Writing and the Chinese-style Public Sphere ] ( Tang Xiaobing , East China Normal University) Abstract : In recent years, micro-blog (微博) writing has profoundly influenced the public sphere. Many public...More