Political Science

正义第一原则与财产所有权的民主制 [ The First Principle of Justice and Property-owning Democracy ] ( Lian Zhou , School of Philosophy, Renmin University of China) 论文摘要 :罗尔斯主张正义二原则适用的政经体制并非“福利国家的资本主义”,而是“财产所有权的民主制”或者“自由(民主)社会主义”。本文首先简述罗尔斯对自由社会主义和财产所有权的民主制的正面阐述,以及他对福利国家资本主义的批评;然后将探讨正义第一原则中的“薄版本的经济自由观”的道德理据;最后将通过援引詹姆斯...More
Zhang Chuntian 張春田 . Revolution and Lyricism: Cultural Politics of the Southern Society and Chinese Modernity (1903-1922) 革命與抒情:南社的文化政治與中國現代性( 1903-1922 ) . Shanghai People’s Publishing House, 2015. Reviewed by Cui Wendong (Lecturer, School of Humanities and Social Science, The Chinese University...More
Yong Ty and Chhoy Yi Heang ( យ៉ង ធី និង ឆយ យីហ៊ាង ). Cambodian Identity ( អត្តសញ្ញាណប្រទេសកម្ពុជា ) (Phnom Penh, 2000). Reviewed by Piseth Keo (NUS-HYI Joint Doctoral Scholar) Cambodian Identity , prefaced by Prime Minister Hun Sen, is part of a nation-building project to define the identity of...More
Fujii Takeshi 후지이 다케시 . Between Fascism and 3rd World-ism: A History of the eight years following the Liberation focusing on the formation and demise of the Korean National Youth Corps Faction 《파시즘과 제3세계주의 사이에서: 족청계의 형성과 몰락을 통해 본 해방8년사》. Seoul: Yŏksa Pip'yŏngsa 역사비평사, 2012. Reviewed by Seokwon Kim...More
Contentious Diffusion of Human Rights: Evidence from South Korean Print Media, 1990-2010 (Jeong-Woo Koo, Sungkyunkwan University, and Sookyung Kim, Korea University) Abstract : The current scholarship on the human rights diffusion is not well equipped to account for the remarkable dynamics that are...More
A book by Yan Xiaojun (Visiting Scholar 2016) entitled 香港治與亂 was selected by Asia Weekly (亚洲周刊) as one of the ten best Chinese-language books published in 2015. Read the news announcement here . Dr. Yan is Associate Professor of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Hong Kong, and...More
Yip, Hon Ming 葉漢明, ed. Globalization and Gender: The Implications of Global Economic Restructuring for Women in China and Southeast Asia 《 全球化與性別:全球經濟重組對中國和東南亞女性的意義 》 . Hong Kong: The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學香港亞太研究所, 2011. Reviewed by Tuen Yi Chiu (Ph.D. candidate, Department of...More
Wu Maosong 呉茂松. The Rights Protection Movement and the State in Contemporary China 現代中国の維権運動と国家. Keio University Press, 2015. Reviewed by Hiroko Naito (PhD candidate, Keio University) The existing literature uses theories of civil society and corporatism to analyze state-society relations in China...More
Kimura Kan 기무라 간. The Establishment of an Authoritarian Regime in South Korea: Until the Collapse of the Syngman Rhee Regime 『한국의 권위주의적 체제 성립: 이승만 정권의 붕괴까지』. Seoul: J&C Publishing Corporation 서울: 제이엔씨. 2013. Reviewed by Kim Bo-Mi (Seoul National University) Why did so many colonized countries,...More
Higher Education and Authoritarian Resilience: The Case of China, Past and Present (Elizabeth J. Perry, Harvard University) Why are some autocracies more durable than others? In analyzing the institutional mechanisms that sustain authoritarian regimes, and help to explain their historical longevity...More
Neighborhood Space in 1950s Beijing: Urban Governance in the Early PRC (Park Sang-Soo, Korea University) Abstract : Through an analysis of the early urban administration building process, the formation of neighborhood space, the connotation of “autonomy” ( zizhi ) of Residents’ Committees (RCs),...More
Lim, Jaehwan 林載桓. The People’s Liberation Army and Chinese Politics: From the Cultural Revolution to Deng Xiaoping 『人民解放軍と中国政治-文化大革命から鄧小平へ-』Nagoya University Press 名古屋大学出版会, 2014. Reviewed by Hiroko Naito (Ph.D. candidate in Political Science, Keio University) This book focuses on the relationship...More