Political Science

Wu Maosong 呉茂松. The Rights Protection Movement and the State in Contemporary China 現代中国の維権運動と国家. Keio University Press, 2015. Reviewed by Hiroko Naito (PhD candidate, Keio University) The existing literature uses theories of civil society and corporatism to analyze state-society relations in China...More
Kimura Kan 기무라 간. The Establishment of an Authoritarian Regime in South Korea: Until the Collapse of the Syngman Rhee Regime 『한국의 권위주의적 체제 성립: 이승만 정권의 붕괴까지』. Seoul: J&C Publishing Corporation 서울: 제이엔씨. 2013. Reviewed by Kim Bo-Mi (Seoul National University) Why did so many colonized countries,...More
Higher Education and Authoritarian Resilience: The Case of China, Past and Present (Elizabeth J. Perry, Harvard University) Why are some autocracies more durable than others? In analyzing the institutional mechanisms that sustain authoritarian regimes, and help to explain their historical longevity...More
Neighborhood Space in 1950s Beijing: Urban Governance in the Early PRC (Park Sang-Soo, Korea University) Abstract : Through an analysis of the early urban administration building process, the formation of neighborhood space, the connotation of “autonomy” ( zizhi ) of Residents’ Committees (RCs),...More
Lim, Jaehwan 林載桓. The People’s Liberation Army and Chinese Politics: From the Cultural Revolution to Deng Xiaoping 『人民解放軍と中国政治-文化大革命から鄧小平へ-』Nagoya University Press 名古屋大学出版会, 2014. Reviewed by Hiroko Naito (Ph.D. candidate in Political Science, Keio University) This book focuses on the relationship...More
Higher Education Reform in India and China: The Role of the State (Devesh Kapur, University of Pennsylvania and Elizabeth J. Perry, Harvard University) Full paper [PDF]More
同声异气:中国1958年从朝鲜全部撤军方案的形成 [ Different Intentions with One Voice: The Making of Chinese Troops’ Withdrawal Package from the DPRK in 1958 ] ( Tian Wuxiong , PhD candidate, Peking University) 摘要 :1953年朝鲜停战后,联合国军和中国人民志愿军始终未能就一切外国军队撤离朝鲜半岛达成协议。尽管如此,至1955年底,联合国军和中国人民志愿军却已将大部分军队从韩国或朝鲜撤离。1958年2月,...More
Han Young-Woo 한영우. Civil Service Examination System; the Ladder of Success­--Social Mobility of Civil Service Examination Degree-holders Seen Through Family Genealogies during the Chŏson Dynasty (1392-1608) 『과거, 출세의 사다리 --- 족보를 통해 본 조선 문과급제자의 신분이동 (태조~선조대)』. Seoul; Jisik-Sanup Publications Co., LTD...More
Transition to the 'Universal Welfare State': the Changing Meaning of the 'Welfare State' in Korea (Kwon Huck-ju, Seoul National University) Abstract: Over the last fifty years, the welfare state in Korea has evolved from a minimal structure of welfare programmes to a comprehensive set of...More
共产主义中国的群众运动与乡村治理 (1945-1976) [ Mass Movements and Rural Governance in Communist China, 1945-76 ] (Li Lifeng, Nanjing University) ABSTRACT : Following the founding of the People’s Republic, successive mass movements spread like wildfire across China’s urban and rural areas, setting the tone for the...More
Cultural Governance in Contemporary China: "Re-Orienting" Party Propaganda (Elizabeth J. Perry, Harvard University) Download the full paperMore
Revolutionary Party and Rural Society (革命政党与乡村社会:抗战时期中国共产党的组织形态研究) , by Li Lifeng 李里峰. Nanjing: Jiangsu People's Publishing House, 2011. Reviewed by Chen Guiming (PhD candidate, History, Sun Yat-sen University; HYI Archival Research Training Program Visiting Fellow) The historiography of the...More