Political Science

What Comes Next After Socialism in China? : Communist Neo-Traditionalism Twenty Five Years After (Won Jaeyoun, Yonsei University; HYI Visiting Scholar 2011-12) Abstract The transformation of labour and unemployment in China raises a question of “What was socialism and what comes next.” This paper...More
Bargaining For Home: A Case Study of Urban Village Demolition Projects in Beijing (Liu Yiran, Tsinghua University; HYI Visiting Fellow, 2011-12) Abstract Using the Liulang Zhuang village as a case study, this paper explores how the simplification of state projects contradicts the complex reality of...More
传 统媒体作为调停者:框架整合与政策变迁 (Traditional Media as Mediators: an Integrated Framework and Policy Change) (Prof. Zeng Fanxu, Zhongshan University; HYI Visiting Scholar 2010-11) Abstract 近些年来,部分传统媒体自觉发展成为“调停者”,它们的策略性框架过程,有助于促成官方舆论与民间舆论的互动,形成“框架整合”的局面,并在一定程度影响社会抗争的政策结果。本文选取了发生于2007 年至2011 年的9 个中国都市环境维权抗争案例,...More
Modern Public Rules and Rural Society (现代公共规则与乡村社) by Zhang Jing (张静), published by Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House (上海书店出版社), March, 2006. Reviewed by He Xu (PhD candidate, Sociology, Fudan University; HYI Grassroots Training Program Fellow) The author frames her argument about the development...More
劳动热情与弄虚作假——计划经济时期生产过程中生产者与国家权力的一致、分歧与互动 (Labor Enthusiasm and Deception) (Jia Wenjuan, Ph.D. candidate, Zhongshan University; HYI Grassroots Training Program Visiting Fellow 2011-12)More
An Entrepreneurial Party-state and Its “City Manager”: The Ningbo Urban Construction Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (NBUCI) and Ningbo’s Tianyi Square Project (ZHANG Han, The University of Hong Kong; HYI Grassroots Training Program Visiting Fellow 2010-2011)More
Jawaharlal Nehru and China: a Study in Failure? (Ramachandra Guha, 2011 Harvard-Yenching Institute Ingalls Fellow)More
The Plight of China’s Working Class: Annals of Anyuan (Yu Jianrong, in Chinese, Mirror books 2006, 496 pages) 中國工人階級狀況:安源實錄 (于建嶸著,中文版,明鏡出版社2006年版,496頁) Reviewed by Yan Xiaojun (Assistant Professor, The University of Hong Kong) On May 1, 2001—the first International Labor Day in the new century—Yu...More
Archetype and Metamorphosis: The Origins of Korea's Economic Development Plans ( Wonhyeong gwa Byeonyong ), by Park Tae Gyun, Seoul: Seoul National University Press, 2007. Reviewed by Jeong, Jong-Ho, professor at the Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University. This book...More
The Tragic History of the KMT Troops in the Golden Triangle, 1950-1981 ( Jinsanjiao guojun xieleishi 1950-1981 金三角國軍血淚史 1950-1981). By Qin Yihui 覃怡輝. Taibei: Academia Sinica and Lianjing Press, 2009. 480 pp. Reviewed by Dr. CHANG Wen-chin, Associate Research Fellow, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. The...More
Minjungeseo Simineuro (From People to Citizens), by Choi Jang-jip. Seoul: Dolbegae, 2009. Reviewed by Prof. Park Tae Gyun, Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University Choi Jang-jip is the most prominent political scientist among progressive academics in Korea. Since the...More
Negotiating for a Green Home: Justifications and Forms of Associations in a Public Controversy in Shenzhen (Brenda Chun LIU, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; HYI Visiting Fellow, 2008-2009)More