Islamic Modernization in South Asia 《南亚伊斯兰现代进程》, by Liu Shuxiong, Yan Qiongying, Lei Wuling, Wang Xu, Wang Xi and Rong Ying 刘曙雄、晏琼英、雷武铃、王旭、王希、荣鹰. Beijing: Peking University Press, 北京大学出版社, 2013. Reviewed by Tong Yutao (Peking University; HYI South Asian Studies in China Program Visiting Fellow,...More
Akiko SHIMONO 下野玲子. A Study on Foding zunsheng tuoluoni jing Scenes in Dunhuang. 敦煌仏頂尊勝陀羅尼経変相図の研究. Tokyo: Bensei Shuppan 勉誠出版 , 2017 . Reviewed by Zhang Mengyan (Fudan University) The Uṣṇīṣavijayā Dhāraṇī Sūtra ( 佛顶尊胜陀罗尼经, UVDS ) was well-spread in the history of East Asia. In the process of...More
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조선말기 삼성(三聖) 신앙과 경전 형성 -《성계집(聖乩集)》을 중심으로- ("Three Deities Faith and Distribution of Scriptures in the Late Chosŏn: Based on the Collection of Holy Spirit-Writing ") ( Kim Jihyun , Seoul National University) Paper removed October 2019More
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The Harvard-Yenching Institute is pleased to announce that the fourth book in the NTU & HYI Academic Book Series has been published. The monograph, entitled, 從聖教到道教:馬華社會的節俗、信仰與文化(Transforming "Sacred Religion" into Daoism: Festival, Belief, and Culture in the Chinese Society of Malaysia), by...More
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Satoshi Hiraoka 平岡聰. A New Explanation of the Formation of the Lotus Sūtra: Reading the Lotus Sūtra as Buddha’s Life Stories 法華経成立の新解釈-仏伝として法華経を読み解,Tokyo: Daizoshuppan, 2012.10 Reviewed by: Jian Lin (PhD Candidate, Peking University) As one of the most important Mahāyāna scriptures and maybe the...More
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Narayan Sen (নারায়ণ সেন). Maoism and the Buddhist Philosophy of India and China (মাওবাদ ও ভারত-চীন বৌদ্ধ দর্শন Maobad o Bharat-Cheen Bouddha Darshan ). Kolkata: Creative Publication, 2013. Reviewed by Barnali Chanda (Ph.D. Candidate, Jadavpur University; 2016-17 HYI Comparative Literature Visiting...More