Nara, Masashi 奈良雅史. 現代中国の<イスラーム運動> : 生きにくさを生きる回族の民族誌. [ The “Islamic Movement” in Contemporary China: An Ethnography of Hui People Living in Difficulty ]. Tōkyō: Fūkyōsha, 2016. Reviewed by Noriko Unno-Yamazaki (The University of Tokyo; 2015-2016 HYI Visiting Fellow) No matter whether their...More
Sugiyama Hiroaki 杉山博昭. The History of Christian Social Welfare in Japan from the Perspective of Local Practice: From the Modern Period to the Post-WWII Period 『「地方」の実践からみた日本キリスト教社会福祉——近代から戦後まで』. Kyoto: Mineruva shobō, 2015. Reviewed by Hiro Fujimoto (Ph.D. Student, The University of Tokyo; 2016-17...More
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To Become “Christian Bajau”: The Sama Dilaut’s Conversion to Pentecostal Christianity in Davao City, Philippines ( Aoyama Waka , The University of Tokyo) March 2016 - paper removed Abstract : The predicament of the Sama Dilaut who fled conflict-mired areas in the Southern Philippines northward to...More
An Interdisciplinary Perspective to a Historical Issue: A Jesuit Madonna Case in the Seventeenth Century (Chen Hui-hung, National Taiwan University) Abstract : Historical issues regarding cultural encounters can require explorations of complex relationships between the past and present, the Self...More
Religion and Society in Java: Ethnographic Memoir of Indonesia under Suharto’s New Order , by Fukushima Masato (Tokyo: Hitsuji Shobo, 2002) 福島真人『ジャワの宗教と社会:スハルト体制下インドネシアの民族誌的メモワール』(東京:ひつじ書房, 2002) Reviewed by Aizawa Risa (Ph.D. candidate, Tohoku University; HYI Visiting Fellow) Masato Fukushima’s...More
History, Space and Identity: Cultural Discourse of Luoyang qie lan ji , by Wang Meixiu 王美秀 Taipei: Li ren shu ju, 2007 (臺北市:里仁書局,2007). Reviewed by Liu Yuanju (Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia, Sinica; HYI Visiting Scholar, 2005-2006) Wang Meixiu, with a PhD from the...More
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Maitreya Images in Asian Buddhist Fine Arts (DINH Hong Hai, Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences; HYI Visiting Fellow 2008-2009)More
Tran Dinh Huou's Selected Works ( Trần Đình Hượu Tuyen Tap ), 2 vols. Hanoi: Publishing House of Education, 2008, reprinted in 2009. Reviewed by Trần Hải-Yến (Institute of Literature, Hanoi, Vietnam) Along with Buddhism, Confucianism is an ideological system that has left a profound impact on pre-...More
Mural Painting in Buddhist Monasteries (gamnur nao tam vatt (in Khmer)), by San Phalla. Phnom Penh: Reyum Institute, 2007. Reviewed by Heng Piphal (Department of Anthropology, University of Hawaii, Manoa) Anthropological and historical research in Cambodia generally focuses on the glorified past of...More