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Contentious Diffusion of Human Rights: Evidence from South Korean Print Media, 1990-2010 (Jeong-Woo Koo, Sungkyunkwan University, and Sookyung Kim, Korea University) Abstract : The current scholarship on the human rights diffusion is not well equipped to account for the remarkable dynamics that are...More
Nguyen Duc Loc (ed.). Social Life in Contemporary Vietnam, the series. Vol.1: Workers’ fates, realities and strategies . Đời sống xã hội Việt Nam đương đại (Tập 1): Tình cảnh sống của người công nhân: thân phận, rủi ro và chiến lược sống. Tri Thuc Press, 2015. Reviewed by Nguyen Quang Dung “The...More
Incongruence between employment status and employment preference of married women in cross-border marriages (Chiu Tuen Yi, The Chinese University of Hong Kong) August 2015 - paper removed from website; citation will be provided upon publication . Abstract : A considerable amount of empirical...More
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Kim Hyŏn-ju 김현주. The Discovery of Society: Theories, Imaginaries and Practices of 'Sahoe' in Colonial Korea (1910-1925) . 『사회의 발견: 식민지기 ‘사회’에 대한 이론과 상상, 그리고 실천(1910~1925)』. Seoul: Somyŏng Ch'ulp'an 소명출판, 2013. Reviewed by Bo-mi Kim (Seoul National University) What is a society and how can it be...More
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Welfare State Development in East Asia: A Cross-Continental Comparison (Yasuhiro Kamimura, Nagoya University) Abstract : The last quarter century has witnessed the rapid transformation of welfare states in East Asia. It is, however, impossible to capture the magnitude of this change if we limit our...More
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My Village, My Country , by Xiong Peiyun (Beijing: New Star Press, 2011) 一个村庄里的中国,作者熊培云,北京:新星出版社,2011年 Reviewed by Fang Jingwen (Doctoral Candidate, Renmin University of China; Harvard-Yenching Institute Visiting Fellow) In 2001, Xiong Peiyun published an article about his hometown of Xiaobao, a...More
What Comes Next After Socialism in China? : Communist Neo-Traditionalism Twenty Five Years After (Won Jaeyoun, Yonsei University; HYI Visiting Scholar 2011-12) Abstract The transformation of labour and unemployment in China raises a question of “What was socialism and what comes next.” This paper...More