Chinese Studies in India

Chinese Studies in India


The Harvard-Yenching Institute has recently developed a joint doctoral fellowship program with the Institute for Chinese Studies in Delhi to encourage Chinese studies in India. This new program, facilitated by the participation of five partner institutions in China (Central China Normal University, Fudan University, Peking University, Sichuan University, and Yunnan University), also seeks to foster a cross-national network of scholars by bringing to the Harvard-Yenching Institute students of Indian Studies in China and students of Chinese Studies in India. 

Chinese Studies in India
A small number of promising doctoral candidates in Chinese Studies at Indian universities will be selected for the joint doctoral fellowship program. In addition to their doctoral studies in India, funded by the Indian side, participants are eligible for two years abroad, funded by the Harvard-Yenching Institute.  One year of HYI support will be spent at a host institution in China to receive advanced Chinese language training and interdisciplinary training in Chinese Studies.  After the year in China, program participants will be eligible to spend one year in residence at the Harvard-Yenching Institute for dissertation research and writing.

South Asian Studies in China

The program’s host institutions in China (Central China Normal University, Fudan University, Peking University, Sichuan University and Yunnan University) will also be invited to nominate a small number of outstanding doctoral students or younger faculty members in Indian studies to come to HYI as Visiting Fellows or Visiting Scholars. Selected candidates will join their Indian counterparts at the Harvard-Yenching Institute for a one-year stay.


Citizenship: Candidates from India must be Indian citizens; applications for the program should be submitted to the Institute for Chinese Studies in Delhi.  Candidates from one of the four host universities in China must be Chinese citizens; applications for nomination to the program should be submitted to their home university.

Terms and Conditions

The Harvard-Yenching Institute will cover tuition and a stipend for Indian students during their residence at a host institution in China. While at HYI, participants from both China and India will be provided with a monthly stipend and individual medical insurance coverage.