Academic Events

Each year the Harvard-Yenching Institute sponsors or co-sponsors conferences and workshops on the humanities and social sciences, with a particular focus on Asian culture, both at Harvard and at academic institutions in Asia.

In addition to holding conferences and workshops open to the public, the Institute’s scholars regularly run intra-Institute academic events, including weekly seminars and lunchtime talks. Each scholar is asked to lead one such event during his or her stay. These seminars provide the opportunity for scholarly exchange and promote an academic community within the Institute.

Life in Boston

While the focus of HYI’s fellowship programs is on academic research, the programs also offer scholars the opportunity to become familiar with Cambridge and the city of Boston. To help integrate scholars into the community at large, the Institute runs a series of social activities each year, including a boat tour of Boston and trips to nearby cultural sites in New England. The Institute also holds celebrations for many American and Asian holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Lunar New Year.