HYI Working Paper Series: Cao Jin

Male Fashion Magazines and Western Capitalist Expansion in a Post-Colonial State (Cao Jin, Fudan University; HYI Visiting Scholar 2009-10)

Adopting an ethnographic approach, this paper uses the Chinese fashion magazine, Esquire (under the American Esquire copyright), as a case study of indigenous media in the context of a globalized market economy. The paper connects to critical theories of the political economy of communication  to offer insights on the commodification of Chinese male fashion magazines. Exposing a dependent economy model, I attempt to demonstrate how the male fashion media in China tries to re-construct Chinese males’ masculinity in a post- socialist state, and how it tries to re-map spheres of class and commodity as manipulated by an international copyright system which serves to change the traditional gender order and to fuel Western Capitalism’s global expansion.

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