HYI Working Paper Series: Sun Peidong

视听暴力: “九评”的生产、传播及“红卫兵一代”的记忆 [Visual-auditory Violence: the Production and Transmission of the “Nine Commentaries” and Memories of the Red Guard Generation] (Sun Peidong, Fudan University)

关键词:视听暴力 “九评” 中苏论战 “红卫兵一代”
Abstract: Based on previously untapped archival sources, as well as oral histories and diaries, this article studies how the “Nine Commentaries” had such powerful influence by analyzing their organized production and dissemination as well as their reception. A key finding shows that written text and radio broadcast played a crucial role in disseminating the “Nine Commentaries” and in strengthening their influence through the words of the nine polemical articles and the voices of the radio anchors. Visual-auditory violence, ideological violence and historical violence are three dimensions of the nature of the “Nine Commentaries,” which was a prelude to the Cultural Revolution.
Key Words: Violence; Memory; The Nine Commentaries; Red Guard Generation; Cultural Revolution