HYI Working Paper Series: Zhou Lian

正义第一原则与财产所有权的民主制 [The First Principle of Justice and Property-owning Democracy] (Lian Zhou, School of Philosophy, Renmin University of China)
Abstract: John Rawls distinguishes five regime types viewed as social systems, complete with their political, economic, and social institutions: (a) laissez-faire capitalism; (b) welfare-state capitalism; (c) state socialism with a command economy; (d) property-owning democracy; and finally, (e) liberal (democratic) socialism. He claims that the former three systems violate the two principles of justice in at least one way, and that only property-owning democracy and liberal (democratic) socialism satisfy the two principles of justice. The justification of the thin conception of economic liberties in the first principle of justice is the key to understanding Rawls’s claim. As James Nickel and Benjamin Barros suggest, Rawls’s justification is not convincing in some aspects, hence, which social systems satisfy the two principles of justice remains an open question.
关键词:私人财产 契约自由 生产资料的所有权 政治自由的公平价值 财产所有权的民主制
Keywords: John Rawls; economic liberties; private property; contract freedom; personal property; productive property; fair value of political freedom; property-owning democracy; welfare-state capitalism