HKU-HYI Joint Scholarship Program for PhD Studies

HKU-HYI Joint Scholarship Program for PhD Studies


The University of Hong Kong - Harvard-Yenching Institute Joint Scholarship Program (JSP) is for young faculty at HYI partner institutions in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia to complete a PhD at the University of Hong Kong, with one academic year of dissertation research at Harvard University. Nominated faculty should be working in the humanities and social sciences with an emphasis on history, culture and society. Scholars whose focus of research is comparative, and includes one or more Asian countries, are especially welcome.

The application deadline for this program is December 1.

Terms and Conditions


  • HKU will fund the Postgraduate Scholarship (PGS) to eligible full-time candidates for a maximum of 3 years for 3-year PhD candidates and a maximum of 4 years for 4-year PhD candidates. 
  • HYI will fund a maximum of one academic year or ten (10) months for conducting dissertation research at Harvard University. While at Harvard, HYI will cover economy fare roundtrip transportation to Cambridge, a monthly stipend and medical insurance for the individual scholar.


Applicants are required to have a Master's degree in a relevant discipline or an Honors degree (First Class) or equivalent in a relevant discipline. They must hold a teaching/research position at one of HYI's partner institutions in Southeast Asia, with assurance that the candidate will be strongly considered for reemployment after graduation from the program. Candidates may work on any discipline in the humanities or social sciences, either with an interdisciplinary or a disciplinary approach.

Applicants must be nominated by their home institution. Please contact your foreign affairs or international office for more information.

Application Process

  1. Ensure that you will be nominated by your home institution's international or foreign affairs office. 
  2. Apply online to The University of Hong Kong for admission to its PhD program. The application deadline is December 1
  3. Complete a HYI supplemental application form (available from your university's international office). This form should be sent, by e-mail, to Ms. Wing Wan (, also by December 1 
  4. Your university's Foreign Affairs/International Office must submit a letter of support on official letterhead indicating that you have been nominated for the scholarship program. Applications without official approval by an authorized nominating institution will not be considered.  

Questions about this program? Contact Ms. Wing Wan (