Cho Young Hun

Years of Stay at HYI: 
Sep 2004 to Dec 2005

Dr. Cho is currently an associate professor in the Department of History Education at Korea University, Seoul, South Korea. His research focuses on Chinese socio-economic history during the Ming-Qing period. He received his Ph.D. from Seoul National University in 2006, focusing on "The Grand Canal and Huizhou Merchants in Late Imperial China." In 2011 he published a book on the topic entitled The Grand Canal and Chinese Merchants, 1415-1784: The Rise and Growth of Huizhou Merchants in the Huai-Yang Region (Minumsa: Seoul). He has also translated Timothy Brook's The Troubled Empire: China in the Yuan and Ming dynasties into Korean. His current research interests include Beijing and the changing auxiliary capitals in late imperial China, the silver trade, long-distance transportation, Huizhou merchants, and the Seventeenth-Century Crisis.