Ding Yi

Years of Stay at HYI: 
Sep 2011 to Jun 2013

Allan Yi Ding received his B.E. from Fudan University and University College Dublin in a joint programme in 2008. Majoring in the history of Sung-Yuan China, he spent 3 years at the Institute for Historical Geography (Fudan University) as a master's student until he was accepted into the master's programme of Regional Studies - East Asia at Harvard University in 2011. His academic interests rest on the contextualised history of Neo-Confucianism with a perspective taking both literary movement and social transformation into consideration.

Current Research Projects and InterestsTantric Buddhism in Dunghuang 

Recent Publications: 

Yi Ding. “漢藏分殊:元譯兩種《白傘蓋經》的文獻史背景及宗教史背景” (Marking the difference between Chinese and Tibetan Buddhism: The White Parasol Sutra translated in the Yüan and its historical backgrounds). Qinghua yuanshi 清华元史 3 (2014).