Ge Zhaoguang

Years of Stay at HYI: 
Mar 2014 to Jul 2014

Ge Zhaoguang is Professor, National Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies and the Department of History at Fudan University, Shanghai, China. He received his BA and MA from the Department of Chinese Literature & Language, Peking University in 1982 and 1984. From 1992 to 2006, he was a faculty member of Tsinghua University, University Affairs Committee and a Professor in the Department of History. Since 1997, he had been a visiting professor at Hong Kong Baptist University, Kyoto University (Japan), City University of Hong Kong, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), and National Taiwan University. He was the first Princeton Global Scholar and a Visiting Professor at Princeton University from 2010-2013. 

Recent Publications: 

1.  Zen Buddhism and Chinese Culture  (Shanghai People’s Press, 1986; Taipei: Donghua Shuju Press, 1988; Korean edition: Seoul East Selections Press, 1988)

2. Taoism and Chinese Culture (Shanghai People’s Press, 1987; Taipei: Donghua Shuju Press, 1988; Japanese edition: East Bookstore of Tokyo, 1993; Korean edition: Seoul East Selections Press, 1993)

3. Magic Cube of Chinese Character: Annotations on Chinese Classic Poems (Hong Kong: Chonghua  Press, 1990; Liaoning Jiaoyu Press, 1998; Fudan University Press, 2008)

4. Tang Dynasty Poetry (Zhejiang Literary Press, 1993; Beijing Renmin Wenxue Press, 2007)

5. Ten Chinese Classic Canons (Hong Kong: Chonghua Press, 1994; Taiwan edition: Taipei: Fengyun Time Press, 1996;  Korean edition: Pusan Chinese Press, 1996)

6. History of Chinese Zen Thought: From VI to IX Century (Peking University Press, 1995)

7. Chinas Worlds of Knowledge, Thought and Beliefs before the 7th Century (Vol. I of Intellectual History of China), (Fudan University Press, Shanghai, 1998; Choice and English edition, in Contemporary Chinese Thought, Vol.31, 1-2, M.E.Sharpe, Armonk, New York, 2002; Korean edition: ILBIT Publishing Co, Seoul, 2008, English edition: Brill Press, 2014)

8. Chinas Worlds of Knowledge, Thought and Beliefs between the 7th and 19th Century (Vol. II of Intellectual History of China) Fudan University Press, 2000; Korean edition: ILBIT Publishing Co, Seoul, 2008)

9. Submit History and Others:The Studies about Taoism in Six Dynasty and Sui Tang Dynasty (Sanlian Book Company, 2003)

10. Some Lectures on Intellecture History Stuties: Vision and method (Sanlian Book Company, 2005)

11. West Tide and East Wind: Ten Essays on Religion Thought and Science in Modern China (Shanghai Classic book Press, 2006)

12. Dwelling Here in China: Reconstructing the Historical Narratives about “China” (Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 2011; Taipei: Lianjing Book Company, 2011; Korean edition: Seoul Geulhangari Publishing, 2012)

13. Image Foreign Country (Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 2014)

14. Rethinking China (Japanese Edition,Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, 2014)