Ho Kong Chong

Years of Stay at HYI: 
Sep 1981 to Dec 1984

Trained as an urban sociologist at the University of Chicago, Ho Kong Chong has research interests in neighbourhood and community development, heritage and place-making, the political economy of cities as well as a more recent interest in higher education. Much of his published work is on East (Hong Kong, Seoul and Taipei) and Southeast Asian (Bangkok and Singapore) cities.

Recent Publications: 

K.C. Ho and Vincent Chua (2018) “The Neighbourhood Roots of Social Cohesion: Notes on an exceptional case of Singapore” Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space 36(2): 290-312. 

Yun Ge and K.C. Ho (2018) Cultivation of Research Labour in Asia with special reference to Singapore. Asia Pacific Education Review, vol.19(2): 199-210. 

Collins, F.L. and Ho, K.C. (2018) Introduction: Discrepant knowledge and interAsian mobilities: unlikely movements, uncertain futures”, Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education

Yeo Su-Jan, K.C. Ho and Heng Chye Kiang (2017) “Rethinking Spatial Planning for Urban Conviviality and Social Diversity: A Study of Nightlife in a Singapore Public Housing Estate Neighbourhood”, Town Planning Review 87(4): 379-399.