Hui Mei Kei (Maggie)

Years of Stay at HYI: 
Aug 2012 to Jun 2013

Maggie Mei Kei Hui was previously Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Maggie received her Bachelor and Master of Architecture from the University of Melbourne and has worked as a registered architect in Melbourne previously. She received her PhD degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her dissertation was focused on Tibetan monastic settlements and vernacular architecture in Eastern Tibet. Besides research and teaching, Maggie has also curated public art and architecture exhibitions in Hong Kong showcasing architectural students’ design.  Her current research projects include Tibetan Vernacular Architecture at the Cultural Periphery, looking at architectural tradition and cross-cultural influence in a region inhabited by Tibetans, Muslims and Chinese. While at the  Harvard-Yenching Institute, she will focus her research on several Tibetan nunneries built in different periods which are located in close proximity to Labrang at the periphery of the Tibetan Plateau.