Janit Feangfu

จณิษฐ์ เฟื่องฟู
Years of Stay at HYI: 
Sep 2006 to Jun 2009

Current Research Projects and Interests: Northeastern Thai Literature, Modernity, Gender Studies and Literature

Recent Publications: 

Feangfu, Janit. 2015. “Fun, Games and Gains” in Bangkok Unlicensed Guide: Thai (male)-Farang (female) Sexual Encounters in 1970s Semi-fiction. South East Asia Research. 23 (4), pp. 521-534.

Feangfu, Janit. 2014. "Orientalisation from Within and Consuming the Modern World: Rural-Urban Contact in Thai Popular Literature of the 1970s." In Rachel Harrison (Ed.), Disturbing Conventions: Decentering Thai Literary Cultures (pp.111-135). Rowman & Littlefield International: London.