Jia Jianfei

Years of Stay at HYI: 
Sep 2011 to Jul 2012

Jia Jianfei (Ph.D, History) is an associate professor in the Research Center for China’s Borderland History and Geography, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. His research field focuses on Xinjiang history in the Qing dynasty. His current research includes “The Legal System on the Qing’s Muslim Frontier” and “Xinjiang Studies in the US". He is the author of two books: A Study on Northwestern China’s History and Geography during the Qing Dynasty, and The Cultural Disaster: the Outflow of Cultural Relics in Modern Northwestern China. He has also translated several English-language books and articles about Xinjiang and China’s borderland into Chinese, such as Prof. James A. Millward’s Beyond the Pass: Economy, Ethnicity, and Empire in Qing Central Asia, 1759-1864.