Mitani Hiroshi

Years of Stay at HYI: 
Jul 2007 to Sep 2008

Hiroshi Mitani teaches the modern history of Japan and East Asia at University of Tokyo. During his stay as a Coordinate Research Scholar at HYI, he worked with Prof. Andrew Gordon (Dept. of History, Harvard University). 

Recent Publications: 

Hiroshi Mitani with an introduction by Andrew Gordon, "Why Do We Still Need to Talk About “Historical Understanding” in East Asia?," The Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, Vol. 12, Issue 32, No. 2, August 11, 2014.

Toward a History Beyond Borders: Contentious Issues in Sino-Japanese Relations (Cambridge, Ma.: Harvard University Asia Center, 2012), edited by Daqing Yang, Jie Liu, Hiroshi Mitani, and Andrew Gordon

Escape from Impasse: The Decision to Open Japan (Tokyo: I-House Press, 2008)