PARK Myoung-Kyu

Years of Stay at HYI: 
Jun 2019 to Jun 2020
Sep 1989 to Jun 1990

Current Research Projects and Interests: Korean Social History; Inter-Korean Relations; Nationalism and National Identity in the Global Era; North Korean Studies; Conceptual History

Recent Publications: 
Sociology of Boundary in Inter-Korean Relations, Seoul: Changbi Co. (in Korean, 2012)
North Korean Diaspora, (co-authored work) Seoul: IPUS (in Korean, 2011)
EU and North Korea: Humanitarianism or Business? (co-edited by Bernard Selliger and Sung-Jo Park), Germany: LIT (in English, 2010)
Nation, People and Citizen: Korean Political Identities from the Conceptual History, Seoul: Sowha Publishing Co. (in Korean, 2010)
Flexible Complex Unification (in Korean, co-work, 2010)
"From Shame to Sympathy: Emotions in Korea's Modernization" in Civilizing Emotions (Margrit Pernau et al., Oxford University Press, 2015)
"How concepts met History in Korea's Complex Modernization?" in A Global Conceptual History of Asia,1860-1920 (Pickering & Chatto, 2014)