Sun Peidong

Years of Stay at HYI: 
Aug 2016 to May 2017

Peidong Sun is an Associate Professor in the Department of History at Fudan University. She was a BBRG Scholar of the Department of Gender & Women’s Studies at the University of California, Berkeley for the 2018-19 academic year, an Edward Teller National Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University from 2017-18, and a Visiting Scholar of the Harvard-Yenching Institute from 2016-17. She received her B.A. in French and M.A. in French Literature from Zhongshan University, and a joint Ph.D. in Sociology from L’Observatoire Sociologique du Changement, Sciences-Po, Paris and Zhongshan University. Her main areas of research focus on everyday life history in China after 1949.

Recent Publications: 

January 2017
Peidong Sun, 2017, “Abolir la mode: Enquête sur la Révolution culturelle chinoise et la répression des «tenues extravagantes».”Modes pratiques: Revue d'histoire du vêtement et de la mode 2(2017):125-170.

February 2017
Patricia Thornton, Peidong Sun & Chris Berry eds., 2017. Red Shadows: Memories and Legacies of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

December 2017
Peidong Sun, 2017, “La profondeur sait rester discrete: Les jeunes instruits de Pékin et de Shanghai durant la Révolution culturelle.” In : CHI, Miao, DARD, Olivier, FLEURY, Béatrice, WALTER, Jacques, La Révolution culturelle en Chine et en France. Expériences, savoirs, mémoires, Paris: Riveneuve Éd. p. 69-83.

March 2018
Peidong Sun, 2018, “Governance, Diversity and China since the 1950s—An interview with George P. Shultz,” Chinese Historical Review.

April 2018
Peidong Sun, 2018, “Audio-visual Violence: the production and transmission of the Nine Commentaries and the memories of the Red Guard Generation,”视听暴力:“九评”的生产传播及红卫兵一代的记忆 Reflexion 思想35, Linking Publishing.

May 2018
Antonia Finnane and Peidong Sun, 2018, “Textiles and apparel in the Mao years: uniformity, variety, and the limits of autarchy,” in S. Simona & W. Ling eds., Making Fashion in Multiple Chinas: Chinese Styles in the Transglobal Landscape. London: I.B. Tauris Press.